Curriculum Vitae

Andrei Korobeinik
Name:Andrei Korobeinik

Andrei Korobeinik (born 5th November 1980) was the founder and CEO of Rate Solutions, a social networking company established in the beginning of 2002., the first social network operated by the company, quickly became the most popular site of Estonian internet.

Rate Solutions opened several social networks for teenagers in Eastern Europe, becoming the market leader in several countries. Andrei Korobeinik made two exits from the company, still holding the minority stake and serving as a board member.

In 2010, Andrei Korobeinik started a new project, CuteFund is a crowdsouced mutual fund, aimed to bring transparency and efficiency into 60 trillion USD mutual fund industry.

Andrei Korobeinik graduated from high school in his hometown Parnu being the best among more than 100 graduates. He is undergraduate from Tartu University (computer science and math).

Andrei Korobeinik is the winner of 2008 British Council's International Young Interactive Entrepreneur award. He is the member of Estonian Dragon's Dan jury and does angel investments, mostly into internet start-ups.

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